Do NFL Teams Have Their Own Planes?

Do NFL Teams Have Their Own Planes

To ensure that their players, coaches, and staff arrive at their destinations on time and with minimal hassle, many NFL teams have invested in their own planes. But do all NFL teams have their own planes? And what are the benefits of owning a plane for team travel? 

In this article, we will explore the topic of NFL team planes, including the types of planes used, the cost of ownership, and the advantages and disadvantages of having a dedicated mode of transportation for the team.

Do NFL Teams Have Their Own Planes?

The answer is yes. The club purchased two used Boeing 767s in 2017 to be used exclusively for their team’s travel needs. The two Boeing 767s that the NFL franchise purchased are luxurious and well-equipped for their team’s travel needs. 

Each plane has a seating capacity of up to 224, making it more than enough for the entire team and staff.

The interior is designed with comfort in mind, featuring semi-private suites for players, coaches, and executives, workstations, Wi-Fi access, and audio/video entertainment systems.

To make sure that these planes offer all the amenities necessary to keep players comfortable while they travel long distances, they are also equipped with a full galley offering food options such as salads, sandwiches, and snacks.

There is also a bar area where passengers can enjoy refreshments or have drinks before or after their flight.

For other teams in the NFL, chartering a plane is the preferred method of transport for their away games. 

These planes are typically smaller and not as luxurious as the private planes owned by one particular franchise, but they still provide comfortable accommodations to players. 

Chartering a plane also allows teams to be flexible with where they go and when they go there. For example, suppose a team needs to leave early or stay late at an away game.

 In that case, they can easily adjust their travel plans to accommodate those changes without worrying about finding another mode of transportation.

How Do NFL Players Travel To Away Games?

How Do NFL Players Travel To Away Games?
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Traveling to away game is an integral part of the NFL experience. In order to ensure that their players and staff members have a comfortable and safe journey, NFL teams partner with top-tier airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

For all teams other than the New England Patriots, chartered flights are the preferred mode of travel when playing on the road

The charter flights typically take off from the home team’s airport and land at the destination airport shortly before game time. 

All teams are able to customize their flight experience, allowing them to have a more comfortable journey with amenities like hot meals, snacks, and beverages.

In addition to the chartered flights, each NFL team also has access to a fleet of luxurious buses that can be used for ground transportation. 

These buses are equipped with all the necessary amenities needed for players and staff members such as comfortable seating, TVs, and WiFi connections. 

They are responsible for transporting the team from their hotel to the stadium in order to ensure that everyone arrives on time and ready for action.

Away games also present an opportunity for teams to bond. During the flight, players and staff members can share stories and build camaraderie with one another. 

Many teams also utilize this time to review plays and game plans, as well as watch videos of their upcoming opponent.

How Expensive Is Travel For NFL Teams?

The National Football League (NFL) is a multi-billion dollar sports industry, and its teams travel frequently to fulfill their commitments. However, the cost of this travel is becoming increasingly expensive. The average team spent almost $4 million on travel expenses – double the amount from the year before. 

As such, the NFL is exploring ways to reduce these costs for its franchises, including possible negotiations with one carrier or investing in a specific airline’s jets. 

The rising cost of NFL travel has created a major financial burden for teams. With commercial airlines often flying at near-full capacity, securing team charters is becoming more difficult and expensive. 

To combat this, the league is actively pursuing ways to reduce these costs. One option under consideration is negotiating with a group of franchises with a single carrier or investing money in a company that would secure long-term rights to an airline’s jets.

In addition, the NFL has implemented certain regulations to help offset the costs associated with travel. 

These include enforcing strict guidelines regarding where teams are allowed to stay on the road and requiring teams to fly economy class when possible. The league also limits its preseason schedule, which helps keep costs down.

Here is a table of different planes taken by different American football teams;

Sports Team Plane
New England Patriots 767 Boeing Wide-body
Dallas Cowboys Boeing 767-300
Miami Heat Boeing 737-400
Golden State Warriors Boeing 737-300
New York Knicks Delta Boeing 767-300
Toronto Raptors Boeing 767-300ER
Los Angeles Lakers Boeing 737-700 BBJ
New York Rangers Boeing 757-200
Washington Capitals Boeing 737-800
Tampa Bay Lightning Boeing 737-800
San Francisco 49ers Boeing 767-300ER
Cincinnati Bengals McDonnell Douglas MD-80
Arizona Cardinals Boeing 767-200
Seattle Seahawks Boeing 747-8 and 737-700
Indianapolis Colts Boeing 737-200
Cleveland Cavaliers Delta Boeing 757-200ER
New Orleans Saints Boeing 737-400
Detroit Lions Boeing 737-300
Minnesota Vikings Delta Boeing 767-300ER
Houston Texans Boeing 767-200ER

Do NFL Players Pay For Their Hotel Rooms?

Do NFL Players Pay For Their Hotel Rooms?
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In general, the answer is yes. Although teams provide a per diem allowance to help cover the cost, many NFL players end up using their own money. This can be a significant expense as hotels near stadiums are often quite pricey. 

When it comes to hotel accommodations, there is no specific guideline from the NFL and owners have discretion in assigning rooms. 

Young players and rookies may find themselves at a disadvantage here because they lack the leverage of more seasoned veterans who are better positioned to negotiate better deals or request upgraded accommodations

It’s important that coaches and team management take into account the financial burden on individual players when setting up away game schedules and selecting lodging arrangements. 

The NFL is a highly competitive and demanding league, and players should not have to shoulder the burden of paying for their own hotel rooms on top of everything else. 

Do NFL Players Pay For Their Uniforms?

No, NFL players do not pay for their uniforms or any of the gear they use. The teams typically cover the cost of these items, though they can sometimes recoup some of that expense by selling licensed replicas or authentic jerseys to fans. 

These replicas and authentic jerseys can cost hundreds of dollars each. 

NFL teams often have sponsored apparel deals with different companies, so players will be outfitted in official team-branded apparel for practices and games. 

Some players may opt to purchase additional clothing for away games or special occasions, but those costs are solely on the individual player. 

NFL teams also provide locker room amenities such as toiletries, towels, and other items for free to their players. 

To sum up, NFL players don’t pay for their uniforms or the gear they use. Teams usually cover these costs but can supplement that expense by selling official licensed jerseys to fans. 

If a player wants additional clothing or items, they must foot the bill themselves. 

Why Do NFL Players Stay In Hotels For Home Games?

The major reason is to ensure they get adequate rest and focus before the game. For many years, coaches have been concerned that young players would hit the town instead of getting the necessary rest to perform at their best during a game. 

As such, team officials want to make sure that their players are well-rested and focused on the upcoming game, rather than expending energy on other activities.

Another reason why teams have players stay in hotels is due to increased travel demands placed on them. With more away games being scheduled, there is less time for teams to practice and spend time together

This can lead to players feeling isolated and disconnected, so having them stay in a hotel can help bring a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. 

The practice has also become more common in recent years due to the increased focus on nutrition, hydration, and recovery methods used by teams. 

Having players stay in hotels allows teams to better manage their nutritional programs and hydration levels while they are away from home.

Finally, staying in a hotel may also provide added motivation for players. Staying in hand can help build team unity since all the players are in it together.

Do Football Teams Have Their Own Planes?

Do Football Teams Have Their Own Planes?
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In general, yes many professional teams and leagues have turned to a more convenient mode of travel: owning their own planes. The New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL are just some of the teams that have invested in their own aircraft. 

Owning a plane can offer a great deal of convenience, flexibility and privacy to teams and leagues. 

Teams have the ability to customize their aircraft to meet specific needs, whether that is carrying additional crew members or providing extra space for players. 

Increased security is also a key benefit of owning a plane as teams are able to choose who can board the aircraft and avoid unwanted distractions during travel. 

Furthermore, air travel allows teams to move around quickly with less time spent at airports or on layovers. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that many professional sports organizations have made the decision to invest in their own planes.

How Do Football Teams Travel?

Traveling to away game is an integral part of professional sports teams’ schedules. While most teams rely on chartered flights to get them to their destination, some leagues and teams have taken the extra step of owning their own planes for travel. 

The National Football League (NFL) is the most well-known professional sports league in America, and it has several teams that own their own planes for travel. 

The Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks all have their own aircraft. 

These planes are typically custom-fitted with amenities such as comfortable seating and entertainment systems to provide a luxurious experience for players and staff as they fly around the country.


Do NFL Owners Fly With The Team?

The answer is yes, but it is not common for NFL owners to fly with the team, as they usually have their own private jets or planes. However, there are some instances where owners may choose to travel with the team, especially during important games or events. 

In these cases, they may also use the team’s charter plane or travel separately. Ultimately, it is up to the individual owner and their personal preferences.

How Much Does An NFL Team Plane Cost?

In general, the cost of an NFL team plane can vary depending on the size and features of the aircraft. A smaller, used plane may cost around $5 million, while a brand-new, customized plane can cost upwards of $100 million. 

In addition to the initial purchase price, there are also ongoing costs such as maintenance, fuel, and staffing. Many NFL teams choose to lease planes instead of buying them outright, which can help lower costs. 

Overall, the cost of an NFL team plane is a significant investment for any team, but it provides a convenient and luxurious way to travel to games and events.

How Much Does It Cost For A Football Team To Charter A Flight?

The cost of chartering a flight for a football team can vary depending on a number of factors such as the size of the team, the distance of the flight, and the type of aircraft used. It may cost around  $25,000 to $50,000 for a one-way flight.

This price includes the cost of fuel, crew, and maintenance, as well as any additional services such as catering and ground transportation. 

Some teams may opt to lease a private jet for the entire season, which can cost upwards of $1 million

Overall, chartering a flight is a significant expense for football teams. 

Moreover, it allows them to travel in comfort and convenience while avoiding the hassles of commercial air travel.

How Much Do NFL Teams Pay For Equipment?

The equipment cost depends on a number of factors such as the quality of the equipment, the number of players on the team, and the specific needs of each player. On average, NFL teams can spend anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 per year on equipment. 

This includes everything from helmets and shoulder pads to cleats and gloves. 

Additionally, teams may also invest in state-of-the-art technology such as virtual reality training systems and advanced analytics software to help improve player performance. 

While the cost of equipment may seem high, it is a necessary investment for teams looking to stay competitive in the highly demanding and physical sport of football.

Do NFL Waterboys Travel With The Team?

The answer is yes, NFL waterboys travel with the team. In general, it is because they are responsible for providing water and other drinks to the players during games and practices, as well as assisting with equipment and other tasks as needed. 

While they may not have the same high profile as the players or coaches, waterboys play an important role in ensuring that the team functions smoothly and that the players are able to perform at their best. 

Traveling with a team can be a demanding job, requiring long hours and a willingness to work hard. 

Moreover, it can also be a rewarding experience for those who enjoy being part of a team and contributing to its success.

Do NFL Teams Travel Together?

The answer is no, each team has their own travel arrangements and transportation. They usually fly on chartered planes and stay in hotels close to the stadium they are playing at. The NFL has strict rules and regulations about travel arrangements to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for all teams. 

However, teams may choose to travel together for logistical or economic reasons, such as sharing the cost of a charter flight or bus. 

Each team is responsible for its travel plans and accommodations during the NFL season.

Do NFL Teams Fly Home After Night Games?

Yes, NFL teams typically fly home after night games. These games usually end late at night, making it difficult for teams to travel back home via bus or car. Flying is the most efficient and comfortable option, allowing teams to arrive home quickly and rest before the next game.

In some cases, teams may choose to stay in the city where the game was held for an extra night or two, but this is usually only done if there is an extended break between games or if the team has other obligations in that city. 

Overall, flying home after night games is the standard practice for NFL teams.


In conclusion, owning a plane has become a popular trend among NFL teams for traveling to away games and events. While not all NFL teams have their own planes, those that do often benefit from greater flexibility, efficiency, and comfort when it comes to travel. 

Despite the high costs of owning and operating a plane, many teams consider it a worthwhile investment in their success on and off the field. 

Whether through chartering flights or investing in a team-owned plane, it is clear that travel plays a crucial role in the world of professional football and can impact a team’s performance both on and off the field.

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