Do You Need to Tip the Delivery Guy if You Are Already Charged a Delivery Fee?

Do You Need to Tip the Delivery Guy if You Are Already Charged a Delivery Fee?

Tipping a delivery person relies on a number of variables and can be a controversial topic in various nations.

But to sum it all up, you should tip a delivery guy.

The question that now arises is:

What is the standard tip amount?

Do the delivery charges count as a tip?

Whether you should pay with cash or add the tip online?

We will answer each of your questions in detail in this article.

What Is A Delivery Tip?

Whenever you order food, groceries, or other products online, they are brought by a delivery person, who is paid a nominal fee for his services by us when he shows up.

Typically, that sum of money is referred to as a delivery tip.

The tip serves as a gesture or a sign of appreciation for the delivery person.

Do You Need to Tip the Delivery Guy if You Are Already Charged a Delivery Fee?

Tipping the delivery guy is not customary but appreciated. You should ideally tip the delivery guy even if you are charged a delivery fee because the delivery fee does not exactly go to the delivery guy. The delivery fee covers the cost of delivering food to customers.

The cost of delivery will vary slightly depending on the company and sometimes even the area. Most companies’ charges differ based on multiple expenses that they have to bear.

The following expenses are accounted for by the delivery charges:

  • Preparing off-premise orders.
  • Driver compensation
  • Fuel prices
  • Car maintenance and insurance costs
  • Other expenses include parking fees and parking tickets, and many more.

Who Gets The Delivery Charges/Fees?

This is highly subjective and is dependent on various delivery models. But before that, we should be aware of different charges that are added to a bill.

The following are the fundamental pricing components shared by all delivery apps.

  • The actual product you are ordering is referred to as a menu item.
  • The delivery company charges a service fee for providing the service.
  • Your order may be subject to sales tax based on applicable local tax laws.
  •  The cost of having the product delivered is calculated under the delivery charge.
  • An optional gratuity/ tip for the delivery driver.

Except for the tip, each of these amounts is determined by your bill or products and the company that delivers your product.

It is entirely up to us to tip as much as we want. Because different companies take different approaches, the online tip may not always go into the delivery guy’s account.

Let’s take a look at some different models to see how and when to tip.

First Party Delivery With Owned Drivers.

Because restaurants have their drivers, they decide how much to charge as a delivery fee and how to distribute it.

Drivers may have their own vehicle in this delivery model, and the delivery charges include their fuel and other maintenance costs.

The company determines tip distribution among drivers, which is nothing compared to what the delivery person goes through.

First Party With On-Demand Delivery

On-Demand delivery by Uber eats

Credit: Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash 

Companies will occasionally hire a fleet of drivers to provide delivery services via their own ordering channel. Doordash and Uber are excellent examples of this type of collaboration.

The brand must pay the full flat fee to the delivery companies, and the owners can choose how much of that fee to pass on to their customers in the form of the buyer Delivery Fee to cover that cost.

The delivery charges, on the other hand, are passed on to the delivery companies, who have the authority to decide how much of it is given to the delivery personnel.

Third-Party Delivery

For delivery and marketing services, the third-party application can charge up to 30% of the total bill amount.

The tip or charges paid through a third-party app goes directly to them, not to the businesses where the food or product is ordered. As a result, how the delivery person is tipped is entirely up to these parties to decide.

How Much To Tip A Delivery Person?

Although leaving tips is customary in various nations, not everyone is kind with their tips.

Even those who want to show an expression of gratitude are unsure about how much to contribute. Here, we provide information on when to tip and how much to tip.

When dining out, most people tip somewhere around 18% and 20% of the bill.

 But what if you order food to be delivered?

 Should you tip the same amount each time?

Continue reading to find out.

Tipping a worker at a location is not the same as tipping a delivery person. The delivery person saves you time from walking or driving to the location, allows you to relax, and ensures that your items are delivered on time.

In general, a tip in the 15%—20% range is appropriate for good service.

However, there is no standard delivery tip. You can base the tip calculation on a number of variables.

What Factors To Consider While Tipping?

The overall cost of the bill, the distance from where you are getting the meal, and the total number of people who will be eating the food can all be taken into account when considering the tip amount.

When To Consider Tipping More?

You can always decide how much to tip your delivery person, but doing so during these challenging times can really brighten their day.

During The Hazardous Weather Conditions

Hazardous Weather

Credit: Photo by Nikita Ignatev on Unsplash 

If you need a sandwich in sweltering heat or freezing cold, they will come and deliver it to you even if they don’t keep your water glass full the entire time you are eating like the waiters.

When The Delivery Is From Somewhere Far

In large cities, a few stairs here and there or a few kilometers are typical for deliveries, but if you live far away or in a building without a lift, you might consider raising your tip amount to account for the many stairs or kilometers your delivery person will have to cover.

During Peak Order Times

The busiest times are during peaks. Getting a delivery person at that time should be viewed as a success

If The Delivery Is Highly Satisfactory

You should think about leaving a higher tip if the service was fast and someone went above and beyond to deliver your order.

Is It Compulsory For Everyone To Tip A Delivery Guy?

It is never required to tip a delivery guy, regardless of whether you were already charged a delivery fee or not. We choose to tip the delivery person.

If you feel like it and are extremely happy with their service, go ahead and do it.

Do Delivery Drivers Prefer To Be Tipped In Cash Or Online? Do They Receive The Tip Allocated For The Order If Tipped Online?

If possible, always tip in cash. Some places or companies actually use up the tips allocated for the drivers when they cash out, so using cash ensures that the driver receives their tip. Although rare, delivery people don’t get the tip right away when paid online.

If a customer pays a tip on the app, the delivery guy will not receive the tip until the next payday, which differs from company to company.

Tipping Your Delivery Person Online May Actually Benefit Companies

We occasionally leave a large tip online, thinking it will be added to the delivery guy’s account.

Is this, however, always done by the company?

A large tip will supplement a payment that is already guaranteed to workers. However, an extra addition will not, which means that if a delivery guy’s minimum hourly wage is $15 and his tip exceeds that, the company may not pay him in full.

Although the specifics differ depending on the company.

The process is legal, but it deviates from the traditional definition of a tip as money that a worker would not otherwise receive.

According to tipping experts, consumers are unlikely to be aware that a generous tip can save businesses money in some cases.

Some companies agreed to pay the delivery guy 100% of the tip received, while others chose not to disclose their strategy.

However, it is unclear which company’s delivery can be tipped in favor of the delivery person.

How Much To Tip On A Delivery App?

Many delivery apps now include the option to tip a delivery person online.

However, it is still unclear whether or not that amount is being deposited into the delivery person’s account.

If the deliverer was tipped through the app, the tip would be applied to the minimum rather than as a separate payment.

There are no set rules for tipping online, but you can choose between the lowest and highest amounts.

Is It Legal To Tip A Delivery Guy?

Tipping a delivery person is entirely legal. The delivery person receives a tip as a token of appreciation and is permitted to accept it unless otherwise stated or ordered by a company.

Although, there are general guidelines and tipping etiquette in every country.

Different countries have different tip percentages. Even though there is no requirement to pay the set amount, it is considered a reasonable amount.

Let us go through the set amount for the tip in different countries:

Country Percentage of bill amount
America 15%-20%
Europe 5%-10%
Middle East 15%-20%
South Africa 10%-15%
India 8%-15%
Australia Not expected/ Not customary
China Considered unnecessary
Country Percentage on bill amount


Things To Know About In These Countries Before Tipping

Unlike in the United States or India, where it is customary to tip anywhere between 8%-15% for most services, some countries expect only a 5% tip, while others expect nothing at all.

World Map

Credit: Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan on Unsplash 


There is no such tipping culture in China. But because the prices are very low there, delivery people normally depend on tips for their income.


The gesture of tipping in Japan can be considered impolite or rude. The best advice is to be grateful and express gratitude.

Australia & New Zealand

There is no such thing as a tip here, and neither do the drivers or deliverables expect one. You can, however, add a little extra to their bill.

United Kingdom

Countries such as France and Europe already add a gratuity charge to their bill that goes to the person performing the service. If you still tip the delivery person, you may appear uninformed, though the tip won’t be denied.

Egypt & Israel

Places that deliver your products already add a fee to the bill, so avoid tipping twice in these countries.


The country adheres to similar standards as China and Japan. They firmly believe that providing good service is simply a part of life. As a result, they may politely decline your tip.


Service staff is well paid here, and tipping is not required or expected because bills include the charges for workers. However, tipping may be expected in more tourist hotspots.


You do not need to tip because the people are paid well and receive many benefits. However, they will not consider it impolite if you round up the bill.

Surprising Facts About Tipping That You Might Not Know

Tipping has evolved into a necessary system that allows workers to earn a living wage. However, there are a few interesting facts about tipping that you may not be aware of.

Women Tips Higher Than Men

When it comes to gender comparison, women are more generous than men when it comes to tipping. Women leave an average of 20 percent tip, whereas men leave a 16 percent median tip.

Millennials Don’t Believe In Tipping

Millennials are the worst at tipping. One reason is that they do not believe in the tipping culture. 59 percent of millennials said they leave a 3% tip or nothing at all. and 20 percent of millennials leave less than up to 15% tip.

Rich Tips the Least

The wealthy tip the least. According to a survey, people earning in the top brackets (60 percent) tip only 2% as compared to those earning less.

North-Eastern States Are the Best in Tipping

When it comes to tipping their servers, the North-eastern states are very generous, leaving an average of a 17% tip. Furthermore, the southern states also leave an average tip of 17%.

Senior Citizens Are the Best Tippers

Senior citizens or baby boomers provide the biggest tip. They are said to tip around 20% on the bill, most of the time.

Controversies Around Tipping By Big Companies

As I mentioned at the outset, tipping is a contentious issue for a variety of reasons.

There have been reports of companies failing to pay the full tip to delivery personnel. They would just pay the bare minimum.

The practice sparked a debate about how large corporations such as Doordash or Uber compensate their employees.

Earlier this year, many large delivery companies and other first-party brands announced that they would be charging delivery fees, service fees, and an additional fee that may result in a lower or no tip by customers.

Moreover, as businesses try to reduce labor costs, tips are becoming an increasingly important form of compensation. Many deliverers count on tips to make ends meet as they aren’t paid enough with salaries and benefits.

Though the major delivery apps claim to give their employees 100% of the tips given by customers, it is generally recommended to do so in cash.

Wrapping Up!

To conclude it all, tipping is an ideal way to express your satisfaction and happiness with your order to your delivery person.

The minimum percentage is determined by the country you are in and the total amount of your order. 

The average tip amount should be anywhere between 10% and 20%.

However, Tipping customs can shift as tourism influences cultural norms in different countries. If you’re unsure whether or not to tip or how much to tip, just round up your bill and who knows you might brighten up someone’s day.

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