How and Where To Find Historical Data On Arrival and Departure Times Of A Flight?

How and Where To Find Historical Data On Arrival and Departure Times Of A Flight

While most airlines have a website or app that can provide you with real-time information, sometimes you might need to access historical data on flights. In this article, we will explore “How and where to find historical data on arrival and departure times of a flight?”

We’ll look at some of the most reliable sources of information and provide you with tips on how to access this data efficiently.

How And Where To Find Historical Data On Arrival and Departure Times Of A Flight?

There are several ways to find historical data on a flight. Flight tracking websites such as FlightAware or FlightStats offer up-to-date information about arrivals and departures for most commercial flights worldwide. These services include details such as delays, route plans, and estimated arrival/departure times. 

Airline websites typically have an archive of past flights and their timings, allowing users to easily look up the history of any particular flight. 

Some airlines also provide detailed historical data regarding specific routes, including frequency of service, average flight time, etc. 

Airport websites may also provide records of past arrivals and departures for flights at their particular location.

This type of data is usually quite detailed and includes information such as actual arrival/departure times, gate numbers, aircraft types, etc.

Government websites are another good source of historical flight data. These websites typically provide a wealth of information on past flights and their arrival/departure times. 

They also offer other useful data such as the number of passengers on board each flight, weather conditions during the flight, and any delays or cancellations that occurred. 

Finally, travel agencies can be helpful in providing historical arrival/departure times for flights they have booked in the past. 

These services usually include details such as departure city, destination city, airline name, flight number, and dates of departure. 

Here’s a table on how and where to find historical data on the arrival and departure times of a flight:


Method Description Pros Cons
Flight tracking websites Online platforms that provide real-time and historical flight data. Easy to access and use, provide a range of flight data including arrival and departure times, flight path, and delays. May require a subscription or paid access for full access to historical data.
Airline websites Some airlines offer historical data for their own flights on their website. Easy to access and use, may offer more detailed information for their own flights. Limited to information for that specific airline’s flights.
Airport websites Some airports offer historical data for flights that have arrived and departed from their airport. Can provide information on a range of airlines and flights, may be available for free. Limited to information for that specific airport.
Government websites Government agencies such as the FAA in the United States may offer historical data on flights. Can provide official data and records. May be more difficult to navigate or require more technical expertise to access.

How Do You Check Your Flight History On Flightradar24?

How Do You Check Your Flight History On Flightradar24?

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Flightradar24’s mobile apps and website both offer playback options to access individual flight histories. To start, simply select or search for a particular aircraft or flight on our interface. You’ll then be able to choose the desired flight in order to view more detailed information. 

Depending on your subscription level, you may be able to go back in time up to a certain period. 

For premium users, they also provide additional features such as 3D replays and data analysis tools that enable you to conduct further research into your past flights. 

With this information at hand, it is easier than ever before to track and review your journey from start to finish – all without needing any technical expertise. 

How Do You Check Your Flight History On FlightStats?

First, go to the FlightStats website at and click on the “Flight Status” tab in the menu at the top of the page. Then select the “Flight History” option from the drop-down menu. Enter either your flight number or the origin and destination airports of your flight. 

Once you’ve entered this information, choose a date from the calendar and then hit “Search”. 

The flight history page will show you details about your chosen flight, including its departure and arrival times, its aircraft type and registration number, as well as any delays or cancellations that have occurred. 

You’ll also be able to see the flight’s progress in the form of a graph and get an overview of its route on a map. 

How Do You Check Your Flight History On FlightAware?

If you hover over an individual flight entry on the search results page, additional details about that particular flight will appear in a box above the list. For more options, click on the “Filter Results” button at the top right corner of the Flight History page. 

This will give you further filtering options for your search results such as airline names or specific airports. 

With this feature from FlightAware, you can easily check and track your flight history with just a few clicks! You’ll be able to stay informed and up-to-date on all your flights. 

FlightAware can display a list of all your flights in the specified date range. You’ll be able to view information such as flight number, origin and destination cities, departure and arrival times, aircraft type, and tail number, among other details. 

So next time you need to check your flight history, rely on FlightAware for a quick, easy and efficient way to do it! 

Can You Track A Flight For Free?

Yes, you can track a flight for free. There are many websites and apps that allow you to do so without any cost involved other than your Internet connection. is the most well-known flight tracking service that offers real-time information on flights all over the world. 

You can easily look up information such as departure and arrival times, flight paths and routes, altitude, speed, and more with just one click of your mouse or a few taps of your finger. 

How To Find Past Flight Information On American Airlines?

How To Find Past Flight Information On American Airlines?

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To find past flight information on American Airlines, go to the official website ( and click on “View Trip” at the top of the page. You will be asked to enter your last name, booking reference, or frequent flyer number to access your reservation. 

Once in, you will be able to see a summary of all upcoming and past trips with American Airlines. 

To view specific trip details such as dates and times of flights, airport locations, and more, simply click on the respective past trip you wish to review. 

You can also check for any schedule changes if needed. 

If you have any issues locating your past trip details, contact American Airlines customer service for assistance. 

They will be able to help you find the information you need quickly and easily. 

How To Check Previous Flight Details?

First, check your booking confirmation or itinerary. This should include the flight number, date, time, and airport codes for each flight. If you did not receive this at the time of booking, it might still be available from the airline or travel agency. 

Another option is to log in to your frequent flyer account with the airline if you have one. 

Many airlines provide an online platform where members can view their past flight history. 

You should also be able to access other information such as rewards points earned and upcoming flights booked through your account. 

Finally, if all else fails, contact customer service directly with the airline. They should be able to look up your flight details and provide you with any information you need. 

Can You Check Past Flight Times?

Yes, you can check past flight times for a specific flight by using a flight tracking website or by contacting the airline directly. Here are some steps you can take to check past flight times:  

Using a Flight Tracking Website

Flight tracking websites such as FlightAware and FlightStats allow you to search for past flight times using the flight number, date, and airline. 

Simply enter the flight details into the search bar on the website and select the date of the flight you wish to check. 

The website will display information on the scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, as well as an estimated time of arrival (ETA) at your destination airport. 

Contacting The Airline Directly

Alternatively, you can contact the airline directly to find out the past flight times. Contacting the airline’s customer service team is the fastest and easiest way to get an answer to your query. 

You can also visit their website and search for historical flight data by entering the flight number and date of travel. 

The airline will then provide you with a detailed itinerary containing all relevant information about the past flight, including its departure and arrival times. 

It is important to note that airlines may charge a fee for access to historical flight data, so it is best to contact them ahead of time if you plan on using this method. 

Additionally, some airlines do not store records of flights more than six months in the past, so make sure you check before making any inquiries.

How To Find Past Flight Information Delta?

How To Find Past Flight Information Delta?

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First, go to the Delta Airlines website ( and click on “My Trips” at the top of the page. On the next page, enter your last name and either your confirmation number or eTicket number to access your reservation summary. 

This will show a list of both upcoming and past flights with Delta Airlines. 

To view more information on a particular flight, simply click on that specific trip and it will display an itinerary detailing the flight numbers, dates, times, and airports associated with it. 

This way you can have all the information you need to access your past flight history with Delta. 

It’s that simple! 

With these easy steps, you can quickly and easily find all the information you need about your past flights with Delta Airlines. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring today!

How To Check If A Flight Was Cancelled In The Past?

Firstly, look at your flight confirmation or itinerary and see if it has any information about the status of your flight. If not, you can visit your airline’s website and search for the flight using its details like date, route, and so on. 

You may also want to use a third-party flight tracking website to get more detailed information on the status of flights. 

Finally, contact the airline directly via phone or email and inquire about your flight’s cancelation status.

 With all these options available, you should be able to quickly find out if your past flight was canceled or not. 

With that said, always keep track of the status of your upcoming flights and make sure to check regularly for changes. 

How To Find Past Flight Information On

TranStats, operated by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), provides a comprehensive database of domestic and international flight information for airlines operating within the United States. To find past flight information on TranStats, follow these easy steps: 

  • Go to the TranStats website at and select “Aviation” from the main menu at the top of the page. 
  • From the Aviation menu, select “On-Time Performance” to access the on-time performance database. 
  • On the On-Time Performance page, click on “Data Download” to access the Flight Data page.
  • This page contains a variety of data and statistics related to flights, including historic flight information for up to one year. You can access this data by selecting the filters that best fit your search criteria and clicking “Download” at the bottom of the page. 

By following these steps, you can easily find past flight information on TranStats and use it to track trends in air travel or conduct research related to aviation. 

With access to this comprehensive set of data, you can accurately analyze air travel patterns and make informed decisions about your next journey! 


In conclusion, finding historical data on the arrival and departure times of a flight can be a valuable resource for researchers, aviation enthusiasts, and anyone interested in analyzing flight patterns over time. While there are several sources of information available, it’s essential to choose a reliable and trustworthy provider to ensure the accuracy of the data. 

By following the tips outlined in this article, such as checking official airline websites, using flight tracking services, and utilizing aviation data providers, you can access the information you need efficiently. 

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