How Can You Do A Broad Search For Flights?

How Can You Do A Broad Search For Flights?

Have you ever tried doing a “broad” search for flights? By a broad search, we mean to ask, have you ever tried looking for flights for a broader location so you could find the cheapest airfares for a not-so-popular airport in the same (or near) destination you are planning to visit?

If you have tried but in vain, this article is for you. In the course of this article, we shall discuss how you can do a “broad” search for flights” while also letting you in on flight booking secrets no one will tell you.

Let’s begin!

What Is A Broad Search?

Broad Searching on Search Engine

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A broad search for flights basically means that you get to search for multiple flights at once and compare them at the same time. 

Depending on what you are looking for, a broad search may also allow you to search for nearby locations around the destination you want to arrive at and help you analyze which location offers the cheapest airfares.

For example, let’s say you were to leave from X place to place Y but the airfares from X to Y for most airlines were too high. Now, you want to know if there are airports around Y, which are cheaper, to which you can book a flight from place X.

Better yet, you want to see all the airports around airport Y to where you can book cheaper flights from airport X. This way, you can just land at this random airport near Y and travel to Y via road (which will save you a lot of money).

This is what we call a broad search for flights.

Why Is It Necessary To Do Broad Search For Flights?

Many businesses rely on travel agents for assistance with flight reservations. Travel agencies provide comprehensive logistical support, including boarding and disembarking assistance for crew members. 

This includes giving them a place to stay, food, transportation, and other essentials that may be required to convince them to join. When all of these costs are accounted for, it is conceivable for a business to incur a loss of several thousand dollars.

Even if the reduction is only a few dollars, the ability to purchase an airplane ticket at a discount is sufficient to convince companies to entrust their business to a certain travel agency.

If firms can identify the least expensive solutions to their problems, they will save a substantial amount of money throughout the life of their operations. 

The practice of comparing flight prices is often known as “benchmarking.” This is something you should do if you want to ensure that you are receiving the best deals on flights. 

Benchmarking is a straightforward activity that travelers and travel companies typically utilize to compare and contrast the costs associated with distinct flights. When benchmarking flights, you immediately compare the rates and services various travel businesses offer.

How Can You Do A “Broad” Search For Flights?

To do a broad search for flights, go to Amadeus or a similar search engine, such as Kayak. Next, use the “”Add nearby airports” checkbox and “Customs” menu to find airfares that are cheaper around a specific airport, for multiple airlines.

Below we have discussed how you can do a “broad” search for flights in greater detail:

Use Identical Criteria

To accurately compare flights, you must select the same day of travel, time of day, and route at the exact same moment. When there are numerous flight alternatives to choose from, it is impossible to offer clients precise pricing information.

If you examine the current price of tickets and compare them to the pricing you were given one month ago, you will realize that there is a significant change between the two data sets. Therefore, it is advisable to research the options for the price of same-day tickets.

Use A Search Engine That Allows A Board Search

There are a few (not many) search engines that allow you to do a broad search for flights. However, search engines and travel booking sites such as Amadeus can help you find the cheapest airfares for airports around a popular destination.

You can also do a similar thing on Kayak since the search engine for Kayak is provided by Amadeus itself.

Don’t Work With More Than Two Companies At Once

A travel agent cannot provide a quote for an airline ticket until the passenger has made a reservation with the relevant airline. You will ultimately make more reservations when you communicate with more travel agents. 

As a result of the increasing demand, airline reservation systems may enter a state of overdrive. You should avoid purchasing airplane tickets when the airline detects an increase in demand from travel agencies.

Doing so forces the airline to increase the price of those tickets. Therefore, you should not use more than two separate travel providers simultaneously.

The Guide To Searching Flights – Everything You Should Know

The process of deciding the price of airline tickets is exceedingly complex due to the role that algorithms play in producing minute-to-minute price fluctuations. It places the average customer at a huge disadvantage. 

It also, in some cases, causes customers to spend more on airline tickets than they should reach their destination.

Keep Your Budget In Mind


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The great majority of individuals approach the process of booking a flight as follows:

  • Select their desired destination.
  • Select the traveling dates.
  • Investigate the current pricing options that are available to you.

In virtually all cases, this will result in exorbitantly high prices.

Google Flights, Kayak, and other similar services enable users to investigate the prices of flights to a range of destinations across the globe. Consider all the inexpensive vacation places, and choose the one that gets your attention.

Select the most convenient travel dates that also offer the cheapest aircraft tickets. Maintain an open mind on the locations and times of your travels.

Before making a reservation, you should check for multiple dates on the calendar if you want to purchase flights at the lowest available price. 

Always Use Incognito Search

You are not hallucinating if you believe that a flight’s price has changed after repeated searches for it in your web browser. Prices for travel do increase when a specific route is searched multiple times.

The reason is that the website is trying to terrify you into ordering the ticket as soon as possible before the prices increase. These attitudes are the result of cookies that have been saved in your browser. 

Always use anonymous or private browsing mode to obtain the best results while searching for flight prices. This will guarantee that no private information is disclosed.

Any cookies previously stored on your machine will be deleted when you close and reopen a window using the anonymous browsing mode. If you wish to begin each flight search with a clean slate so that your prior searches are not “remembered,” which could cause costs to rise), close all of your incognito windows. 

Then open a new window, and then conduct your flight search. This will ensure that your prior searches are not “remembered,” preventing prices from escalating. This will prevent the engine from “remembering” your prior searches.

Choose The Most Reputable Websites

Google Flights, Priceline, and Momondo are three websites and mobile applications that people routinely consult when they need flight information. There are more options, some of which are more advanced than others, such as the ITA Matrix, SkyScanner, and a variety of plugins; nevertheless, Google Flights, Priceline, and Momondo are sufficient for the majority of individuals.

It is vital to remember that Southwest does not appear on search engines or OTAs; therefore, you must visit their website directly to determine if they provide discounts.

Locate The Weekday With The Cheapest Flights Within The Week

Numerous urban legends say you may save money on your ticket by purchasing it on a Tuesday. The truth is that there is no certain day of the week that is always cheaper than the others. 

If you can organize your trip to depart during the week instead of over the weekend, you can anticipate lesser costs. This is not always the case, however. 

To determine which days of the week provide the greatest discounts for your specific route, it is best to obtain a fast visual of the pricing for the full month. This can assist you in determining which days of the week offer the most affordable costs. 

Consider Traveling On Multi-City Flights

If you want the cheapest flights possible, your best bet is to focus on getting the lowest prices across the ocean. Choose the cheapest flight if it isn’t from the airport closest to your home or the final destination.

Focus on obtaining the cheapest fares overseas if you want the cheapest flights available. Two distinct excursions in different cities are more likely to be less expensive than one extended holiday.

In addition, you are free to spend as much or as little time as you like in each place before exploring other areas.

Reserving Your Seat Within The Golden Hours

Many people believe that the best time to book a flight is on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. or Sunday mornings early in the morning. In reality, none of these times is ideal for booking a trip.

The most effective method for saving money on airline tickets is to purchase a ticket during the “Golden Hours.” These are the optimal times for pricing.

Currently, the cost of airline tickets is calculated by complicated algorithms that consider various criteria. These factors include client demand, oil price, prices charged by competitors, and many others.

The technological limitations that traditionally limit airlines to changing fares once per week at a specified time are no longer relied upon by airlines.

When purchasing airline tickets for domestic travel, the period between one and three months ahead of departure is frequently regarded as the optimal window. When planning an out-of-country trip, allow between two and eight months in advance.

If your vacation occurs during a peak travel season, such as Christmas, summer, or St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, you should add a couple of months to the following periods. It is more likely that cheaper rates will become available closer to your departure date if you are traveling during the shoulder season.

However, rates tend to rise in the last month or two before departure, so you should not wait too long to make your reservation. It is less probable that cheaper rates will become available closer to your departure date if you travel during the high season.

In addition, you should be mindful of the times of the year when you know that ticket prices may increase.

Set Up Fare Alerts To Track Certain Flights

If you already know where you want to visit and when you may use a website like Kayak or Google Flights. Set an airfare alert and get told when the price of the ticket decreases below the current price.

You can use the website to arrange your vacation ahead of time. This will work best for you if you have a precise place and time in mind. You shouldn’t discount the possibility of missing out on offers.

What Are The Best Online Tools To Search Flights?

There are several online tools and websites available for searching flights. The top tools used to search flights are discussed below.

Google Flights

Google Flights offers a superior user experience and regularly obtains tickets at reasonable prices for various itineraries. This software can search for flights departing from many airports with a single query, one of its most useful features.

Google Flights consistently provided the quickest responses to the several searches conducted, making it the uncontested winner. Google Flights consistently loaded its search results in less than one second.

Users already acquainted with Google’s suite of products will find the service’s user interface (UI) intuitive and easy to navigate on mobile and desktop devices. You can book your trip’s outbound and return legs with various airlines.

This is one of the reasons why Google Flights can identify itineraries at such reasonable prices. This is useful when purchasing two one-way tickets is more cost-effective than purchasing a round-trip ticket.


Momondo, an online travel search engine, is highly recommended by a wide range of people who are interested in travel. It is both effective and easy to use. Momondo is likely the best option for searches involving multiple cities and using a mobile device.

When you search for flights on its website, three unique pricing points will be presented. These are the most affordable, the quickest, and the most dependable.

If you select one of these three fares and click on it, you will be redirected to a list of flights with prices within the given range. You also can view the results, which Momondo sorts by the airline, departure and arrival timings, and price.

In addition, Momondo has a unique ranking system that assigns a satisfaction rating to each trip itinerary based on various parameters, including flight duration, ticket price, and the likelihood of flight cancellation. A score of 0 indicates a dreadful flight, while a score of 10 indicates an exceptional trip.


Skyscanner is one of the most well-known metasearch engines. It collaborates with hundreds of travel providers to compare prices and identify the best bargains. You can pick “nonstop flights only” directly from the homepage.

There is also the option to select “anywhere” if you don’t have a specific destination in mind but are interested in exploring the choices. You may filter search results by airline, alliance, the number of stops, flight schedules, and more.

The search results will display the “best” alternative, as determined by a combination of price and speed, as well as the fastest and most cheap option. When you click on one of the search results, you will be presented with various options for completing the flight reservation you have selected.

Since Skyscanner analyses a large array of sources, you will likely find inexpensive airline tickets on unfamiliar booking sites. Skyscanner displays user ratings for each website, which might help you determine which ones are trustworthy and which ones are not.


Kayak is arguably the most well-known flight search aggregator. Positively, it offers one of the most extensive sets of filters currently available. These filters cover landing times, layover locations, alliances, in-flight services, and aircraft types.

Kayak is also one of only three websites with a filter that allows users to consider any number of checked baggage in addition to the number of carry-on bags.

The “Flex Search” function on Kayak, which checks fares up to three days on each side of your travel dates, has been discontinued for unknown reasons. Kayak was among the first companies in the market to give this beneficial service many years ago.

It advises whether to purchase a flight booking now or wait based on past price patterns, ticket notifications, effective filtering, and the ability to compute airfare plus luggage expenses.


Southwest Airlines offers low tickets for travel throughout the entirety of their route map. However, the airline does not authorize third-party services such as Skiplagged, Google Flights, or Momondo to sell or show any of its tickets.

Therefore, you should always check Southwest before reserving an economy ticket for travel on another airline. This is because Southwest often provides cheaper tickets.

Southwest is the only domestic airline that provides one free checked bag per passenger, per trip. You should keep this benefit in mind while comparing airline prices, as most low-cost flights are economy, which do not even include a carry-on bag.

Southwest is the airline that will save you the most money if you must check your bags because you will be away for an extended period and will be traveling.

How Do I Search For Flights With Multiple Airports At The Same Time?

One of the most effective strategies to maximize the value of your vacation dollar is to transform your flights into a multi-stop trip that visits two or more distinct locations. Due to how airlines price their flights, it is not uncommon to be able to book a multi-stop trip for the same price as a standard route to a single destination.

Some airlines, especially large flag-carrier airlines attempting to promote local tourism, will frequently give you a discount if your layover lasts at least 12 hours. If you use this opportunity, you can save a substantial amount of money.

This occurs regularly when an airline attempts to increase the number of travelers visiting a certain destination. Skyscanner allows you to book flights with multiple airports at the utmost ease.

  • On the Skyscanner website or app, choose “Multi-city” from the pull-down option at the top of the search panel.
  • You can enter up to six unique legs of your journey by using the drop-down menus to specify your departing airport, final destination, and travel dates for each phase.
  • Before you begin your search, specify the number of people requiring lodgings and the cabin class.
  • After completing all the steps, click the “Done” button when you are ready.
  • You will be sent to a screen explaining all of the selected flights’ outcomes.
  • You can select the most convenient departure and arrival times, airlines, airports, total travel duration, and the maximum number of stops by using the filters on the left side of the page.
  • You can even restrict your search to only airplanes with fewer carbon emissions.
  • To make your itinerary more particular, click the “Select” option next to the result that fulfills your requirements the most efficiently.
  • A window with the label “details” will display automatically. Using the arrow keys on your computer, you can expand this box to view precise information for any aircraft departing from this location.

Why Should You Consider Booking A Flight with Multi-City Stops?

It is ideal to consider booking a flight that has multi-city stops because that will give you more time to have great travel experience in multiple cities. It also allows you to include one or more free stopovers on the route. And finally, booking such flights is cheaper.

You Get Better ‘Traveling’ Experience

During your next trip, you should avoid limiting your visits to a particular destination. If you want to maximize your time away from home, you should consider visiting multiple cities on the same vacation.

If you use a relatively inexpensive bus, train, or airline to travel from city to city, you won’t have to return to your departure point to catch your connection to return home.

Multiple-destination vacations are particularly well-suited for travel in Europe and Asia, where travel between cities and countries is frequently inexpensive.

Bring an Open-Ended Itinerary to a Successful Conclusion


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If you have booked a trip from City A to City B and then another flight from City C back to City A as part of your travel plans, this is considered an open-jaw itinerary. If you are interested in scheduling an open-jaw itinerary, you can do so by taking a multi-city tour.

There are situations when flying with an open mouth can result in substantial cost savings. At these times, you should take advantage of this opportunity. When traveling from City B to City C, you will be on your own; no assistance will be provided.

Rather than returning to the city you flew into, you can avoid having to do so by purchasing an inexpensive one-way ticket, boarding a train, or taking a bus to your next destination. Instead of purchasing three separate flights, employ a multi-city itinerary and transform your open-jaw schedule into a comprehensive trip.

You Can Include One Or More Free Stopovers In The Route

If you have never utilized stopovers to visit two destinations for the price of one, you are in for a treat. Stopovers allow travelers to see two distinct locations for the price of one. Several airlines offer travelers the option to have a free or subsidized seven-day layover.

Conduct research on all accessible airlines to determine which ones provide stopover programs. Certain websites allow layovers to be a more streamlined process.

If you build a multi-city itinerary in Google Flights and book with one of the airlines mentioned above, you will have the option to include a layover.

It Is A Cheaper Option Than One-Way Flights

Even if the trend is beginning to shift, one-way flights on international airlines can still be expensive. Organizing a vacation with multiple stops will almost always result in overall prices that are far lower than those connected with purchasing individual one-way tickets. 

Create a schedule incorporating multiple cities to ensure everything remains in its right location.


We hope this article helped you understand how you can do a “broad” search for flights. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us below. We would also like to hear your thoughts on how you have tried to do a broad search for flights and the difficulties you’ve faced.

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