What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check On An Airplane?

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check On An Airplane

When it comes to air travel, packing can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to choosing the right suitcase. For many travelers, one of the most common questions is, “What is the largest suitcase you can check on an airplane?” 

In this article, we will explore the general guidelines for checked baggage size and weight. Moreover, some factors to consider when choosing the right suitcase for your next flight.

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check On An Airplane?

What Is The Largest Suitcase You Can Check On An Airplane?

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Fortunately, most domestic and international airlines accept suitcases up to 62 linear inches in total. This includes the length, width, and height of the bag. While bags larger than 62 linear inches can still fly, they may be subject to additional fees. 

So if you’re bringing along extra-large luggage on your next flight, make sure you check with your airline first to avoid any unexpected costs! 

When measuring your suitcase for air travel, remember that length is always measured from end-to-end (including handles). 

Width and height are usually taken at their widest points; these measurements should include all pockets and attachments as well. 

In total, the length + width + height should not exceed 62 inches. 

To make sure your suitcase fits all airline requirements and restrictions, you can purchase bags that are specifically designed for air travel. 

These bags usually come with their own set of measurements to ensure a perfect fit every time. 

Additionally, many airlines offer their own baggage size guidelines so make sure to check them before purchasing or packing your bag. 

Can You Check In A 32-Inch Luggage?

The answer is yes, most airlines allow passengers to check in 32-inch luggage as long as it falls within their size limits. However, it’s always best to check with your airline directly for their specific luggage policies as they may have different size and weight restrictions. 

Typically, the airline’s maximum weight limit for checked baggage is 50-70 pounds. Hence, make sure that your 32-inch luggage does not exceed this limit or else you will have to pay additional fees. 

It’s also important to note that even if your bag meets the size requirements, it may still be considered bulky and overstuffed, which can make it difficult to fit in the luggage compartment or handle. 

For this reason, it’s wise to measure your 32-inch luggage before you check in at the airport to make sure that it meets the airline’s size requirements. 

You may also want to consider opting for a smaller bag if possible and pack items like jackets, books, and other small items in your carry on-bag instead of checking them in. 

Are 29-Inch Suitcases Allowed On Planes?

Yes, mostly 29-inch suitcases are allowed on planes as they usually fall within the size limits for checked luggage set by airlines. Before packing your suitcase, it’s important to double-check with your airline and make sure that you are aware of their specific restrictions regarding luggage sizes and weights. 

Most airlines have a weight limit of around 50 to 70 pounds so if your suitcase is overstuffed or bulky it may be difficult to handle or fit in the luggage area. 

In addition to following these guidelines, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you comply with airline regulations for checked bags. 

Make sure that all handles and straps are secure so that your bag does not exceed the size constraints imposed by the airline. 

Finally, consider boxing up large or bulky items such as shoes and electronics to save space in your suitcase. Hence, it can easily fit into the overhead bin or underneath the seat. 

Can You Check A 28-Inch Suitcase?

Yes, you can check a 28-inch suitcase as long as it does not exceed the weight limit set by the airline. In order to be accepted as standard checked luggage the weight should be within the limit of up to 50 or 70 lbs. 

That being said, some airlines will accept oversized bags up to 126 linear inches (320 cm). 

Additionally, overweight baggage up to 100 lbs (45 kg.) may also be accepted. However, these items will typically incur extra fees unless they are sporting equipment. 

Therefore, when it comes to a 28-inch suitcase, if you don’t exceed the maximum weight limit for checked luggage then you should be able to check it in at most airports. 

However, if your bag exceeds the size or weight limits then you may be subject to additional charges from the airline. 

It is always best to check with your specific airline before traveling in order to avoid any unexpected fees. 

In conclusion, most airlines will allow a 28-inch suitcase as long as it does not exceed their size and weight restrictions for checked luggage. 

But it’s important to confirm this information with your airline ahead of time in order to ensure that your bag will be accepted without any extra charges.

What Is The Standard Suitcase Size For Airlines?

What Is The Standard Suitcase Size For Airlines?

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Generally, domestic airlines require carry-on bags to have dimensions no larger than 22″ x 14″ x 9″, including the handle and wheels. It is important to remember that this allowance includes both your personal item, if applicable, and any other items like purses or laptop bags. 

Additionally, if the bag cannot fit under the seat in front of you, then it must be checked instead. 

Make sure to double-check with your carrier before arriving at the airport as different airlines may have different standards. 

If your bag doesn’t fit within these restrictions, then you will likely be required to check it instead and pay any applicable fees. 

When packing for a flight, make sure that you are familiar with the standard suitcase size for airlines in order to avoid any surprises at the gate. 

By adhering to airline regulations such as the standard suitcase size requirement, you can ensure that everyone’s luggage is safely stored and your trip runs as smoothly as possible. 

What Is The Checked Luggage Max Size?

Generally, most airlines have a maximum size limit of around 62 inches (length + width + height). This includes room for handles and wheels on any bags that contain them. It is recommended to check with your airline directly for their specific luggage policies.

In general, if your bag exceeds the overall dimensions allowed by an airline, you will likely need to pay an additional fee in order to check it in. 

Be sure to consider all of these factors when packing for your next trip to avoid any potential problems with your luggage. 

Knowing the checked luggage max size set forth by your airline is key to ensuring that you arrive at your destination with all of your belongings safe and sound! 

And if you’re unsure, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and contact the airline for more information about their policies regarding checked baggage. 

Doing so will help ensure a smooth journey and make sure all of your items are properly taken care of during travel.  

Additionally, be aware that different airlines may have various restrictions or fees related to overweight or oversized luggage. 

What Is The Largest Luggage Size For Check-In International?

Generally speaking, the largest size of a check-in bag allowed on an international flight is 62 linear inches (length + width + height) and has a maximum weight limit of 50-70 pounds (23-32 kilograms). However, it’s important to always check with your airline directly for their specific policies. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the size and weight limits before packing your luggage. 

Hence, you can avoid any unnecessary fees or complications at the airport. 

With this information in mind, you can ensure that all your belongings are safe and secure during your travels.

What Is The Biggest Suitcase You Can Check As Your Carry-On?

The biggest suitcase you can check as your carry-on varies by airline. As a general guideline, most airlines allow carry-on bags that measure up to 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 centimeters), including handles and wheels. 

However, some airlines may have more restrictive size limitations for carry-on luggage, so it’s always best to check with your airline directly for their individual policies. 

As well as adhering to size restrictions, travelers should also keep in mind that there may be weight limits imposed on hand luggage too. 

For instance, some airlines have a maximum weight of 22 lbs (10 kg) for carry-on items and this must be taken into account when packing. 

Knowing the exact size and weight limitations for your flight in advance can help to ensure that you don’t run into any surprises or incur additional fees at the airport. 

What Are The Weight Restrictions On The Largest Suitcase You Can Check?

What Are The Weight Restrictions On The Largest Suitcase You Can Check?

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The weight restrictions may vary from airline to airline. Generally speaking, most airlines have maximum weight restrictions of 50-70 pounds (23-32 kilograms). However, some airlines may place more strict limitations on checked luggage so it is always best to consult with your chosen airline directly. 

It is also important to note that if your luggage exceeds the weight limit set by your airline then you may incur additional fees when checking in at the airport. 

Therefore, it pays to double-check the size and weight policies of the airline you are taking in advance. 

This will help you to avoid any unexpected fees on the day of your flight and ensure that all your luggage arrives safely at its destination. 


In conclusion, determining the maximum size of the suitcase that can be checked on an airplane depends on various factors, such as the airline, the type of aircraft, and the specific flight. 

Understanding the guidelines for checked baggage size and weight can help you select the right suitcase for your needs, and ensure that you don’t encounter any issues during the check-in process. 

It is always a good idea to check with your airline before your flight to understand their specific policies and procedures regarding checked baggage, including size limitations and any associated fees.

By taking the time to research and pack accordingly, you can help ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

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