Do You Have To Pay For Seats On Spirit?

Do You Have To Pay For Seats On Spirit?

When booking a flight, passengers have many considerations to make, including selecting their seats. While some airlines may include seat selection in the ticket price, Spirit Airlines operates differently. As a low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines charges for seat selection to keep its fares low. This policy may lead to confusion and questions for travellers: Do you have to pay for seats on Spirit? 

In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Spirit Airlines’ seat selection policies and help you make an informed decision about whether paying for seats is worth it for your next flight.

Do You Have To Pay For Seats On Spirit?

The answer is yes, if you want to select your own seat, you’ll need to pay for it. But don’t worry, Spirit also offers free seat assignments at check-in if you’re willing to take the chance and let them choose your seat.

When it comes to selecting a seat on Spirit Airlines, you have two options. You can either pay for your own seat or accept the free seat assignment at check-in. 

If you decide to pay for a seat, you’ll need to do so during the booking process. The cost of the seat depends on its proximity to the front of the plane and other factors.

To make sure that you get a good deal when purchasing your seat, be sure to compare prices across different websites and airlines. 

It’s also important to take into account any additional fees that may apply such as baggage fees or change fees. 

Additionally, if you’re travelling with a group of people, you may want to consider purchasing ‘buddy passes’ which will allow you to select seats together.

If you choose to accept the free seat assignment at check-in, you won’t have any control over where you sit. Spirit Airlines randomly assigns seats and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to sit with your friends or family. 

Additionally, if the plane is full and there are no available seats, Spirit may be forced to bump passengers from the flight depending on how many people have checked in. 

How Does Spirit Airlines Seating Work?

How Does Spirit Airlines Seating Work?

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If you’re looking to get seated together with fellow travellers, your best bet would be to purchase the Spirit Airlines Seat Selector Service. With this option, you can choose your favourite seat in the aircraft and even switch seats anytime before the flight departure (fees may apply). 

The fees start at US$5 and vary depending on the route and type of seat selected.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for extra legroom and comfort, you can purchase the ‘Big Front Seats’. 

These seats provide 32% extra legroom and many other benefits such as priority boarding and a complimentary snack. 

Prices range between US$20 and US$70, depending on the route. It’s important to note that the Big Front Seats are available only at the time of booking or after check-in.

Does Spirit Charge For Seats?

The cost of seat assignments varies depending on the route, time of year, and seat location. This means it can range from as little as $1 all the way up to $50. The exact cost depends on the specifics of your flight, such as where and when you’ll be flying. 

If passengers choose not to pay for a seat assignment during their booking process, then they will still get a free seat assignment at check-in. 

However, there is no guarantee that they will be seated next to their travel companions or in the seat of their choice. 

Overall, it’s important to remember that Spirit Airlines does charge for seat assignments and you should factor this cost into your budget when booking your flight. 

If you have any questions about specific fees for your route, it’s best to contact Spirit directly for more information.

Do Spirit Seat Prices Go Down?

The answer depends on a variety of factors that come into play when it comes to pricing seats on Spirit Airlines. Factors such as time of year, demand for the flight, and how far in advance the flight is booked can all affect seat prices

In some cases, seat prices may go down closer to the flight date if there are still many unsold seats for the flight. 

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that seat prices will go down. In fact, they may even increase as the flight date approaches and availability becomes limited. 

This is why it’s always best to book your Spirit Airlines seat assignments in advance if you can. 

It’s important to keep in mind that prices can change quickly, so it pays to monitor the price of your seat assignment regularly. 

If you’re flexible with your travel plans, you might be able to snag a better deal on last-minute flights. 

However, there is no guarantee that this will work in all cases, so it’s still wise to book early whenever possible. 

Can You Change Seats On Spirit After Checking In?

When Does Spirit Assign Seats?

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The answer is yes, you can. If you are flying with Spirit Airlines and want to change your seat after checking in, it’s possible to do so. You can log in to your account online or contact the reservation department for assistance

However, there may be additional fees involved in changing your seat assignment if you have already been assigned one at check-in. The fees vary depending on the type of flight and the time you are requesting a seat change. 

Hence it is best to check with Spirit Airlines beforehand to ensure you understand all associated costs. It may also be beneficial to review their policies regarding seat changes before booking a ticket. 

This way, you can make sure that any potential changes will be covered by the fare purchased as some fares may include free changes or upgrades while others do not. 

Overall, it is possible to change seats on Spirit Airlines after checking in, but it may come with additional fees that you should be aware of before making the request. 

Be sure to contact the airline or review their policies and fees prior to booking a ticket so you can be prepared for any potential changes. 

When Does Spirit Assign Seats?

When flying with Spirit Airlines, you have the option to pay for a specific seat assignment when booking. However, if you choose not to pay for a seat assignment, Spirit Airlines will assign you a seat at check-in free of charge

The seat assignment process for those who do not pay for their seat assignments is usually done automatically and based on availability; therefore, there is never any guarantee that passengers will be seated next to their travel companions or in their preferred seating locations. 

It’s important to note that if you want to guarantee that you have the desired seat location when travelling with Spirit Airlines, it is best to purchase your choice of seating at the time of booking. 

Spirit Airlines makes every effort possible to ensure everyone is comfortable on their flight, so understanding the seat assignment process is key to having a pleasant experience. 

Knowing when Spirit Airlines assigns seats and how they assign them can help make your travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. 

For further information regarding seat assignments, please contact a Spirit Airlines customer service representative for specific details. 

They will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide additional assistance in arranging your seating arrangements.

When Does Spirit Airlines Charge Your Card?

Generally, Spirit Airlines will charge your card for the full amount due upon booking, including the cost of the flight, seat assignments (if selected), baggage fees, and any other services or fees that you choose to add to your reservation. 

Keep in mind that if you make changes to your reservation, such as adding seats or bags to your itinerary, additional charges may be applied at the time of booking. 

Likewise, if you cancel a flight after purchasing it but before it has departed, Spirit Airlines will assess applicable cancellation fees. 

Refunds for cancelled flights are also subject to certain terms and conditions as outlined in Spirit Airlines’ fare rules. 

If you need help understanding when Spirit Airlines will charge your card or have any questions about associated fees and charges, please contact the Spirit Airlines Customer Service team via phone or email. 

They are available 24/7 to provide assistance with any questions you may have. 

What Is Spirit Airlines Bag Fare?

What Is Spirit Airlines Bag Fare?

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These fares include one personal item, like a laptop bag or purse, that must measure no larger than 18 by 14 by 8 inches. Anything larger will incur additional charges. These fees vary based on the size and weight of your bag. 

For instance, standard checked baggage can cost anywhere from $30-$60 if you pay online or at kiosks prior to airport check-in. 

Paying at the airport adds an extra $10 per bag fee. Oversized bags may be charged additional fees depending on the date and route of your flight. 

Hence, it’s important to check with Spirit for the most up-to-date info. 

If you’re flying with a pet, there is an additional fee of $110 per kennel and route. Other items such as car seats and strollers are subject to fees as well. 

To make sure you know your total cost before booking, consult Spirit Airlines’ Baggage Fees page for more detailed information about what charges may apply to your trip. 

Here’s a simple table on Spirit Airlines bag fare:


Bag Type Description Fees
Personal Item A small bag that can fit under the seat in front of you Included with ticket
Carry-On Bag A larger bag that can be stored in the overhead bin Varies based on route, time of year, and when purchased. Can range from $9 to $65 or more per bag, each way.
Checked Bag A bag that is checked in and travels in the cargo hold Varies based on route, time of year, and when purchased. Can range from $30 to $65 or more per bag, each way.
Oversized/Overweight Bag A bag that exceeds the size or weight limit for a personal item, carry-on, or checked bag Varies based on route, time of year, and when purchased. Can range from $100 to $150 or more per bag, each way.



Do You Have To Buy Seats On Spirit Airlines?

Yes, you have to buy seats on Spirit Airlines. Spirit does not offer complimentary seat assignments. Passengers are required to purchase a seat assignment during the booking process or at check-in. The cost of a seat assignment varies depending on the type of seat and the route being flown. 

However, passengers can choose to save money by opting for the “Bare Fare” option, which includes only a seat on the plane and one personal item. 

Any additional services, such as seat selection, carry-on bags, or checked bags, will require an additional fee.

Does Spirit Airlines Charge For Seats?

Yes, Spirit Airlines charges for seats. The airline offers a “bare fare” pricing model, which means that the base fare only includes the cost of the flight and does not include any extras like seat assignments, checked bags, or in-flight meals. 

Passengers can choose to add on these extras for an additional fee, including selecting their seats. The cost of a seat assignment varies depending on the route and the seat type, with some seats costing more than others. 

Passengers can choose to purchase a seat assignment during the booking process or at any time before their flight through the airline’s website or call centre.

How Much Do You Pay For Seats On Spirit?

The cost of seats on Spirit Airlines varies depending on a variety of factors including the destination, time of year, and how far in advance the tickets are purchased. Spirit Airlines is known for its low-cost fares, but passengers should be aware that there are many additional fees.

The additional fees basically charged for seat selection, checked baggage, and even printing boarding passes at the airport. 

It is recommended that passengers carefully review all fees and charges before booking a flight on Spirit Airlines to avoid any surprises.

Can You Select Seats On Spirit After Booking?

The answer is yes, you can select seats on Spirit after booking. However, you may have to pay an additional fee to choose your seat. Spirit Airlines offers two options for seat selection: Standard Seat Selection and Big Front Seat Selection

Standard Seat Selection allows you to choose any available seat on the plane, while Big Front Seat Selection gives you access to the larger, more comfortable seats at the front of the plane. 

You can select your seats during the booking process or after booking by logging into your account on the Spirit Airlines website. 

Keep in mind that seat availability may be limited, especially if you are booking close to the date of your flight.

Does Spirit Allow 1 Free Bag?

It depends on the type of ticket purchased and the destination. Spirit Airlines typically charges for checked bags, but they do allow one personal item (such as a purse or small backpack) for free as long as it fits under the seat in front of you

If you need to bring a carry-on bag or checked bag, you will need to pay an additional fee. However, Spirit does offer various options for reducing baggage fees, such as purchasing bags in advance or signing up for the $9 Fare Club. 

It is important to check the specific baggage policy for your flight and purchase any necessary baggage options in advance to avoid additional fees at the airport.

Can You Bring Your Own Food And Drink On Spirit Airlines?

Yes, passengers are allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks on Spirit Airlines flights. However, it is important to note that Spirit Airlines charges for all in-flight food and beverages, so bringing your own snacks and drinks can help save money during the flight. 

Passengers should also make sure to adhere to TSA regulations regarding liquids and gels when bringing their own drinks on board

It is also important to note that some types of food, such as strong-smelling or messy items, may not be allowed on the flight out of consideration for other passengers and the cleanliness of the aircraft.


In conclusion, Spirit Airlines offers different options for selecting seats, including standard seats and upgraded seats with additional legroom. While some airlines may include seat selection in the ticket price, Spirit Airlines charges for seat selection to keep its fares low. 

Passengers can choose to pay for a seat assignment during the booking process or opt to have a seat assigned for free at check-in. 

However, Spirit may assign seats randomly or separate passengers who do not pay for seat selection. 

Ultimately, the decision to pay for seats on Spirit depends on the individual’s preferences and priorities when flying.

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